Netzer is the worldwide youth movement of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. Today there are 16,000 members active in our different sniffim (chapters) that are located in the following places: Australia, Belarus, Germany, Israel (Noar Telem), North America (NFTY), Panama, Russia, South Africa, Spain, France, United Kingdom (LJY, RSY), Holland and Ukraine.

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Shnat Netzer

Shnat NetzerShnat Netzer is a year-long experiential program comprised of various components. Following is a description of each component.

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TaMaRTaMaR is the world union for progressive Judaism's young adult movement. TaMaRnikim are usually 18-35 years old: college students, young professionals and young families.

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Netzer Olim Project

OlimOleh Hadash?
Welcome to Israel! Netzer olami is establishing a new Olim project for you to stay connected to the movement.
Want to take part of it? Please fill in this Google Form.
Want to stay connected? Visit Reform Olim Facebook page.