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The Big Netzer survey



Shalom, Netzer Bogrim!

As our young movement turns 37 next year, we're taking a few moments to reconnect with all of you, and ask that you reflect on your time with Netzer and/or Shnat. What impact, if any, did Netzer and/or Shnat have on where you are today and how we can all come together as a larger community of Netzernikim to share experiences, ideas and more.

Many of you today are volunteers for worthy causes, Jewish educators, rabbis, cantors, professionals in various fields, and much much more. We can all learn from and help each other, not to mention support the Netzernikim currently active in our home towns.

So we would very much appreciate your taking some time to fill in the survey below. It will help us form new avenues for collaboration among graduates across the globe, or even groups close to your home.

Also, please help us reach as many Bogrim as possible and share this link with others, or send us names and emails to send directly.

Toda raba and we're looking forward to hearing from you!

Orit Shoshani
Branch Relations and Education Coordinator
Netzer Olami


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